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Tungsten Plate/Sheet


 Lianhong has an independent on-line heating production line for tungsten plates, which can provide pure tungsten plates (W>99.95%) and high-purity tungsten plates (W>99.99%), tungsten-rhodium plates, and potassium-doped tungsten plates. The characteristics and application fields of various types of tungsten plates are as follows:



Application field

(high) pure tungsten plate

The product has high melting point, high purity, high strength, high hardness and good processing performance.

Widely used in the production of electronic (ion) beam sputtering targets, parts for ion implanters, parts for electric vacuum devices, heaters for high temperature furnaces, heat shields, supports, boats, etc.

Tungsten plate

The product adopts the oxide dispersion strengthening mechanism to make it have high strength, high recrystallization temperature and high temperature strength. At the same time, it improves the recrystallization brittleness and high temperature deformation resistance of the tungsten plate.

It is especially suitable for the production of load-bearing parts in high-temperature working environments, such as heaters for high-temperature furnaces, support frames, trays, and base plates.

PotassiumTungsten plate

The product adopts the "potassium bubble" strengthening mechanism to make it have high purity, high strength and high recrystallization temperature, which makes it have excellent high temperature creep resistance.

It is especially suitable for the production of products requiring high temperature creep, such as parts for electric vacuum devices, heaters for high temperature furnaces, and support frames.


With the tungsten industry's whole industry chain raw material quality control and rich production experience, we can provide you with tungsten sheet products with excellent resistance to high temperature deformation.

Tungsten plate specifications:

1) Thickness of tungsten plate: hot rolled tungsten plate: 2.0~25mm; warm rolled molybdenum plate: 0.5~3.0mm.

2) Tungsten plate width: hot rolled tungsten plate: ≤ 600mm; warm rolled tungsten plate: ≤ 550mm.

3) Tungsten plate length: hot rolled tungsten plate: ≤1500mm; warm rolled tungsten plate: ≤1000mm.

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