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Chengdu Lianhong: Integrity, Inclusive, Cooperation, Sharing, Innovation, Development

Corporate Vision: To become a leading domestic and internationally renowned company for the global cost-effective tungsten and molybdenum deep processing products and services.

Enterprise mission: Let employees realize self-worth, have a sense of acquisition and pride; let users get satisfactory service, have a sense of sharing and intimacy; let shareholders get better returns, have a sense of trust and investment desire; let the society share development results ,Harmonious Development.

Entrepreneurial spirit: sincere cooperation, continuous improvement, careful calculation, fine craftsmanship, excellence

Enterprise positioning: specializing in tungsten molybdenum billet, tungsten and molybdenum sheet and its deep processing products.

Product positioning: tungsten molybdenum billet (round billet, slab, steel-making molybdenum strip), tungsten-molybdenum sheet and its deep-processed products, molybdenum spinning ruthenium, tungsten ruthenium target, etc. High-end products.

Guiding ideology: Lianhong is made larger by tungsten-molybdenum billet and tungsten-molybdenum sheet, and the efficiency of Lianhong is better through tungsten-molybdenum products. Lianhong is strengthened through management innovation and technological innovation, and finally “leading domestic and world-class enterprises” is realized. The goal.


XTC-LHM is able to provide customers with world-class quality tungsten and molybdenum high performance materials.

XTC-LHM offers a wide range of sheet and deep processed products for a wide range of applications.

XTC-LHM's product development capabilities are guaranteed to meet the needs of different customers.

XTC-LHM product variety. The specifications are complete and the delivery time is short.

We are willing to go hand in hand with friends at home and abroad, and cooperate sincerely and develop together in the principle of "mutual benefit and win-win".

Welcome to use our products!